I currently support a variety of entrepreneurs, CxOs, sports personalities, personnel of all qualifications and culture – equally from a professional and personal stand point.
A lot of my clients seek me out as an established professional coach because of the unique combination I offer in terms of extensive experience – both past and present. They know they stand to benefit from my talent and track record as a coach – consolidated by the wealth of my eclectic background,
My methodology is based on a holistic approach to achieving results. Working with me, my clients go beyond their self-imposed limitations, into the infinite space of potential, creating sustainable, measurable and incremental change.



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As you will notice on the testimonial section of the main page of the site, my clients come from all walks of life. The method remains the same with a focus on the whole person.

There is a growing demand for my services from corporations who understand the value of leadership coaching. Furthermore, my approach and experience is attracting the interest of reputable sports teams and academies that sought my services to support their people.

I work with established top leaders – as well as up and coming executives – on their impact, focus, career path, vision and leadership style.They become fluid in their communication and relationships. They are more able to align with others towards contributing to & achieving the overall goals of the organization. Bottom line they become more effective leaders.

I also coach top athletes – as well as up and coming stars. Through this process, their lives as a whole are in full support to their ambitions. In other words, their lives become a safe and healthy container for their sporting career on which they can focus 100%. And, when their boat gets rocked, they are supported by our relationship, and become equipped to deal with and learn and grow from the challenges.

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